Info från FAI angående flyg i Österrike

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Finally after an extremely long public viewing the Austrian “Guest flying regulations” are officially published – the decree will be in force by March 1st 2017. Very liberal regulations will apply.
Any holder of a hang gliding and/or paragliding license from following countries will be allowed to fly legally in Austria. Attention:  This does not include tandem and paramotor licenses.

1. Australia
2. Denmark,
3. Germany
4. France
5. Italy
6. Croatia,
7. Lithuania
8. Netherlands,
9. Norway
10. Poland
11. Portugal,
12. Romania
13. Sweden,
14. Switzerland,
15. Slovakia,
16. Slovenia
17. Czech Republic
18. Ukraine,
19. Hungary
20. Great Britain

Colleagues not having a licence as listed above are advised to contact an Austrian Flying-School to obtain an official „Guest Flying License“.
Please be aware that for flying in Austria a 3rd party liability insurance up to SDR 750.000 is compulsory. We also recommend sufficient coverage for search and rescue – as helicopter costs can be quite high. For any queries in regard of insurance please contact us: or visit our

Enjoy your flying in Austria!
Sepp Himberger
AXA Insurance Agency for Air Sports
”9.Super Paragliding Testival” 25.-28.Mai 2017 – Kössen/Tirol

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